Thursday, February 9, 2012


Vogue 02/2012 Editorial - Adriana Lima - J.R. Duran - 8 pages

this totally ruins my 'pursuit for happiness' thing also adds to my frustrated attempts to inconditionally follow the path of right moral values...which seems impossible at times, AND crumbles the concept of what I believe Motorcycles should be.......BUT in a way it's pretty cool and Adriana Lima is pretty fuckin let's cut the philosophical wabble here and get back to earth...where things are all fucked up but you can actually ride a motorcycle...

Thanks Chrys! You've always shown tons of class and helped me from day one!


  1. Vai vender esse casco?
    Se for, é meu........ok!

  2. You've got one of the hottest women in the world posing with your helmet...not too bad. Can i smell it?

  3. and for some reason I prefer this lady here:
    well...maybe not...

    hey congrats on the best Pan award!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh dude, you're crazy haha...miss you buddy


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