Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Allen Collins

Allen and I'm guessing, Artimus, getting a monkey drunk...that would never happen today...

Newman X Stewart

Roller Magazine

Photo taken by my buddy, Ken Nagahara for ROLLER MAGAZINE, last year at Born Free.

Joe King Helmets In Action

 T-Bone / Noise Cycles
Bobby - King Kustoms

Go listen to Dickey

Hudson Bay

Dead Flowers

Just some random pics of the panhead and/in the shop

Gimme Shelter

Playing music with that last name must be cover though.

Bolt London

Cool one made for Andrew at BOLT


Powder coated frame, bracket done, legs polished, oil tank and battery in place.
Still stoked with the racing oil tank made by Kiyo.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016

Sonny & Brownie


After so many years I'm finally being able to keep a small stock. So I'll have solid ones ready to go and every other week I'll make a custom helmet based on design that I like...something that I would like to wear and put it for sale here and at the blog store.

This one won't last long...size 57/58 Medium, all BRASS hardware, JK snap strap, black trim, brown satin. $300usd plus shipping. Info:

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Can't you see

Orange Flowers?

going through old photos our SSS blog, found these 2 pics taken by Eddie in 2010 of my pan.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Joe King Tattoo #2

then at the end of 2015, Augusto from Italy, makes this one...I'm just honored! 

Joe King Tattoo

What a AMAZING honor to see one of my best friends with this tat! Took him to Mauro Landim's shop here in Sao Paulo


That stage banner with the photo of his Greyhound bus is just rad.


Late 90s or early 2000s
Mid 2000. Renato sold it to Daniel in 2010.
Nov/2010 when I bought it from Daniel...just parts in cases
At Peter in 2011

2013 At Eddie's
At Beto's
Chrys and Max at GM
SSS Mountain Run
2015 with a poser on the background
At Ara's
2015 with a springer

Heard stories that back in the 80s this pan belonged to one of HA in Rio. Also heard stories that at one point it raced some drag races in Rio.  If I'm not mistaken it caught fire when it belonged to my friend Renato back in the 90s. Not 100% certain about all these stories...but they do sound cool.

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