Monday, August 29, 2011


Super stoked to have the super talented Duane Ballard as one of the TWB sponsors!!! It's an honor!!

Kemosabe seat

Godspeed book no.9 feat. Duane get your copy here: GODSPEED 4605

Duane and Kutty ... Pink Taco and Plum Smuggler


Had the pleasure to meet Duane and his wife Lisa in Long Beach, great people!

Itaipava GT3 - Two Wheels Brazil/AZ Motorcycles

Thanks to AZ Motorcycles for the TWB spot. Weekend full of racing...GT3, GTS, Classics, Superbike, Harley Drags, etc...


Bardahl Bike..pic for Chopperdave

Mr. AZ made sure all his bikes had the TWB sticker.

Very cool tracker from AZ

Drag race


Ford GT won!

Nice Carrera

Good stuff

Got this email from Alexandre (ALEART) he built a cool Cafe for my friend Wilson and attached was his new project. It's a great idea, it's different and I loved it...His using a Honda XLX 350 cross and turning it into a tracker. Great project, great stance, keep us posted...

Two Wheels Brazil - New Sponsor BRASIL - LUCKY FRIENDS

GREAT to have Lucky Friends as one of our sponsors...looking forward to seeing their bikes and cars at the show! Thanks guys!!


R.F. #1

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

TWB Bikes: Garage Metallica

Sneak peak at Chrys' built for Two Wheels of the bikes he is building is this 45's going to be killer...close up pics so I won't ruin the surprise.

Great was to have the visit of Maddy from California he went by to check the helmets...super cool dude!

It's happening...

Tyler (LOWBROW) was there and set 2 records...rad!
Jason (Dime City Cycles) is there...have fun you bastard!

Stolen this great poster from Jesper's blog: Cling On For Life

Never ending projects...

A lot has been done and it looks the same...
Roll the dice, walk 2 steps, pick the card: walk back 10 steps...

Bars height

Love the screen and fairing brackets! Although that vintage Veglia tach looks's not the one I'm using.

The world famous Mr. Zeze "Recar" working on my bike for fun late at night...what an honor!

Rather than preteding I build bikes (like most of the bike builders in Brazil)...I'd like to thank those that really build stuff, have extensive knowledge, that been helping and teaching me a lot...that said...thank you Eddie, Peter, Zeze and Augustinho.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mr. Kurpius

The latest photos of his ride are amazing...check it out: Kemosabe and the Lodge

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From Canada: Mods and Rockers 2011

What a cool KZ! Hey DK!

These awesome pics were sent from Scott. Looks like fun and it's good to see something other than choppers once in a while.
Loved the pics! Thank you so much!

Hard Times

Mr. Buzzard Salinas sent me this pic of his Panshovel...I love that motor!
There's some cool history behing this had a Arlen Ness rigid frame and a coffin tank back then...for the best part of the bike's history you'll have to ask Justin about it!
Thanks for the pics!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Team Green

In '76 the water cooled KR750 already had 115hp...2-stroke porn right there...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Part ONE

Sunday, August 21, 2011

In Action

Mark in cold Minnesota

Copeland - White Knights

Jeffro - White Knights

Max Schaaf & Jason

Mr. DicE - showing class at the cookies row

Lee Bender

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