Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two Wheels Brazil - T-SHIRT - at DicE Magazine online store!!!

Two Wheels Brazil t-shirts will be available at DicE magazine online stop next week or's always the same blah, blah, blah...but this time is for real...there's just a small batch made and you'll only be able to get them at DicE. When they're gone...they're gone...

I love DicE...

You love DicE...

We all love DicE...because they look mean but are sweetest girls ever!!!! THANKS GUYS!

I forgot where I stole these pics from...let me know so I can give the credit.

*Brag part 3: Dean's hat...WHMC Forever!


everyone's invited...
todos estão convidados...

Long Beach Swap Meet

I wanted to shoot myself in the head...2,000 usd for a 68 ironhead motor WITH FRAME, WHEELS and TANK...I'm embarrassed to say how much we would pay for that in Brazil...5,6,7 times more...As I said...those that have old bikes in Brazil deserve respect cause it's REALLY fuckin' hard, expensive and time consuming to get the bitch running...

Chopperdave's bike...looks prettyyyy fast!

excuse me, but it's time to brag about this...HOW FUCKING RAD IT IS to get at the Long Beach Swap Meet and see the heroic motherfucker Chopperdave wearing my hat?
That made my day!

Cycle Zombies are rulers!

bragging part 2: Moments later I see Keino wearing the t-shirt I gave him!!!! STOKED, honored, etc, etc...The guy rules! That was enough to make my week!

The super cool triumph chopper Scotty was about to kick was another example...rad bike for under 4k...blew my mind...if it's still for sale go talk to the guys!



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good stuff...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I have a small penis, so I got a HARLEY DAVIDSON

my new favorite it from the man below:

That's Jason leaving the Long Beach swap meet...

This pan and the knuckle he did for Born Free are AMAZING...much respect!

more here: ATR


Dice and Schmidt do brilliant shit together...
I know this has been posted everywhere before but...
..."usually I will post pics that I find on other blogs on my blog so people know that I have 'em on my blog and that my blog is the best"...

Two Wheels Brazil Sponsor - EAT DUST!!!!

Keith and Rob kick ass...they make real great stuff! Impressive quality...needless to say I'm super stoked they're behind us and supporting Two Wheels Brazil
GO BUY some good stuff for a change: EAT DUST

CB750 lovers...

great stuff at Jesper's blog as always...check it out: Cling On For Life


Blue Flake

Matte & Gloss

In action

Evandro from Holy Ghost

Gustavo taking his new toy for a spin

Gustavo and Mr. Johnnie Wash


Nice Pic!

Stolen from SStormtroopers and first JK to hit Belgium (which is pretty cool...for me!)

Thank you!!!

Thanks to everyone that has signed up at the Two Wheels Brazil site! It helps us a lot and in exchange we'll give you more FREE stuff every week. Also we'll update everyone with news, hotel deals, etc...Wait for some more GREAT news!
Obrigado a todos que se cadastraram no site do Two Wheels Brazil! Os cadastros aumentaram muito e por isso estamos preparando GRANDES novidades e ainda mais sorteios semanais para os cadastrados.

In the last 2 days we've received over 500 emails and we're trying to answer everyone.

Shot in Canada

Awesome pics by the great Michael Schmidt! Hard work??!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Go flake yourself!

Flake you!

Silver Flake & Navy



Hooters #01

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