Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DK's pan

Helmet of the Grave ***sold***

 Been listening to this album on repeat over the weekend and woke up with the idea of making a Black/Purple helmet...
One of the heaviest and coolest riffs of all time...




Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Factory Metal Works

This was made for my buddy Lucas at THE FACTORY METAL WORKS...they build some of the coolest and classiest Triumphs out there. Eddie took these photos at Born Free 5.

Godspeed 6/9 photgraphy book

440 pages of chopper glory on each book! Buy this book...see the best references, top builders, raddest's almost cheating....

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Perfect Panhead

Built by Max for Jay

Perfect Panshovel

Wil's panshovel...I've seen this bike in person a few times and it's really fantastic...has a new frontend now after the crash.

Dutchman photos are always so make sure to check his blog DUTCHMAN PHOTOS

Perfect Knuckle



maybe the most beautiful car ever made...

Eddie's killer photos!

The day before Born Free 5...a month after BF5

 The day before Born Free is always great...just builders and vendors at the site...there's time to talk to friends, hang out, drink beer, check the bikes without tons of people around and etc...
Above are DenverDan and Uncle Kirk...theses guys are great! THE SPEED MERCHANT
 Taking Keith's FXR for a spin... EAT DUST
 Tattooing with SID ... SID'S TATTOO PARLOR
 The coolest thing that day was the surprise Kiyo's wedding cerimony. Nash MINDPILL married the couple and spoke was so rad being present with just a few people and close friends.
 newly weds!
 Kiyo's turbo magneto CB750 was outta this world! I fuckin love it!
 so rad!
 J.D. and Cindy
 Gen LOVE EAR ART and Wil's killer panshovel
 Size 100.5?
 Rob getting his tat
 DK and the this cool dude here...Jonty!
 Thanks Grant AND Mike for this amazing show!
Eddie, DK, Sid and Cary WRENCH MAGAZINE

Rebel Flag

First one made with a rad thin neoprene like fabric...super rad and comfortable...FOR SALE...more info:HERE
Had this fabric "kingprene" custom made for a small run of 50 to 60 helmets. Real top quality material...never seen anyone using this before.

Black & Gold & Burgundy

First one made with this cool burgundy velvet...FOR SALE...more info: HERE


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fittipaldi Sunglasses

Ronnie and Emerson at the Austrian GP 1973

Brazilian brand called EVOKE together with Emerson Fittipaldi had a cool idea to release a reissue of the sunglasses Emmo used to wear in the 70s.

Rush 2013 - Trailer #3

The Cut-Rate Open House and the Dice Party

 Finally Chrys showed up to join us...
 Mr. Godspeed!!!!  GODSPEED45/06
 DK and I hanging out with Cicero and Keith EAT DUST inside The Cut-Rate's garage...
 Brian's killer Knuckle!!!
 The Cut-Rate open house was great. Thanks Oliver for having us!
 Good meeting Gregoire...though he had a shitty day after some a%$#@hole crashed into his bike!
 Tammy's Sportster always looking good...
 Dice Party with the BLACK TIBETANS!!!
Dean ruling!
Thee Cormans were pretty cool...but Nick in between songs made everyone laugh all the time...worst jokes ever...but they were so good!!!! ATR

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