Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday - Owl's Nest - SSS

Periodmaster! Made from the new material: UNOBTAINIUMSHELL

Quality stuff @ GM

my LUCKIEST (and they are rare) moment of glory as a photographer

First time I rode Power Negro...FUCK ME!!!!!!! I was complaining about the height of the pegs giving DK shit about me having to wear spandex pants to ride it (ref: David Lee Roth)...but once it got rolling...FUCK ME!!!! It's a monster...super stable...tight U turns = piece of cake...there's no end to 2nd, 3rd gear...I'm guessing same with 4th, 5th anf 6th...beyond stoked...JEFF YOU RULE!!! Your built is amazing!


I tried...but I don't weigh as much as the bear below...

Is he a traitor?

I dig my tank just like it is...and for the last fuckin time: NO, IT WAS NOT MADE ON PURPOSE

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