Friday, March 25, 2016



Jorma rocking the 74 or more t-shirt.

Full show:

Eagles of Death Metal


Made a couple of helmets for these cool dudes. Jesse and Jorma from Eagles of Death Metal. They played at Lollapalooza here in Sao Paulo. It was great to hang out a bit with them! Thanks dudes!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Joe King Camo Hoodie

Made these camo hoodies a little while back for the new website and online store. Joe King patch in front and silk on the back. Couldn't wait for the site to be finished so these are available for sale in all sizes here. Just contact for prices and shipping info. 
Moletons importados de capuz, patch Joe King na frente, silk atras. Para compras e infos:
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Joe King Helmets In Action

Troy & Teresa

All pics taken by my buddy Justin AKA Buztin

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Randall Model #10 - 3

 I like this Model 10 with 3 inch blade because it's so small...perfect EDC. And if you're into fishing, it's the perfect tackle box knife.

From Randall Made Knives: The History of the Man and the Blades pp. 118-119


The Salt Fisherman and Household Utility made its appearance in the 1948 catalog and was the first standard model Randall made without a forged blade. It was made by what is called the stock-removal process, i.e., hand-ground from a piece of flat steel.... The postwar lineup of new knives had been lacking a replacement for the old one-piece, stainless steel fish knife, or Fish and Bar if there was a bottle opener ground into the back. Florida's many saltwater anglers liked the idea of a rustproof knife in their tackle box. 

...Like all Randall designs, this knife had to be able to accomplish the intended tasks while holding up well under severe use. This included the handle as well as the blade. Leather doesn't last well when constantly soaked in saltwater, and for this knife, the handle should be two slabs riveted to a full-width tang. The grip also had to be as slip-proof as possible, even when held in wet, slimy hands. The final answer was to rivet duralumin pieces to the tang, grind them to shape, and then sandblast only the handle. 

This left a rough, nonslip surface, which has worked fine ever since. Even modern dishwashers can't hurt this handle a bit. Just when the design jelled and became a standard isn't known, but the St. Petersburg man's fillet knife was shipped to him on 11 May 1948. With a shorter blade this became an excellent bait cutter and all-around tackle box knife. To answer both demands, the 1948 catalog listed it as available with either a 5- or 7-inch blade. 
Some photos and info from

Randall knives have such an amazing history and quality, even songs were made after it.
Here's Guy Clark's:

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

So Good!

DAC & Warren Haynes playing The Band (Up On Cripple Creek)

Buffalo Plaid

'Cause you never know when you'll need your hunting helmet.

Buffalo plaid was born in the Scottish Highlands. Named after Rob Roy MacGregor, the ruthless outlaw and hero in Sir Walter Scott’s novel, this plaid is often referred to as the “Rob Roy Tartan."
The MacGregors were lawless warriors and eventually, King James VI banished them and the MacGregor name from Scotland. Forced out, some descendants, like Big Jock MacCluskey, changed their last names and left the country in order to survive.
In the late 1800’s, Big Jock MacCluskey migrates to Canada. He is a huge man in size and stature. Like his ancestors, he is a feared warrior. A sometimes lawman and bounty hunter, he donned the family Tartan and survived by hunting buffalo. He follows the herd and hunts from Canada to Montana and into the Dakota territories. The buffalo check arrives with him in America. Eventually, MacCluskey gives up hunting to trade with the Indians. His Scottish blankets are traded for buffalo skins and become known as “buffalo plaid.” Source: Jennifer Ryan Jones
I've always loved Philip Goodwin's paintings...this one's called THEIR LUCKY DAY. Go check out some of his great work.

Classic Double Pinstripes

Leopard Liner

Double Pinstripes with Special Brown Suede

Matte Blk & Special Grey Suede

Gloss Black

Thursday, March 3, 2016



Pics don't do justice on this one!


Joe King Signature

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