Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Here are the buckles I made with Tom. I think they came out great...Tom is an amazing artist and these were all made by hand. I'm really proud and honored that I could work with him.
These are thick leather stamped buckles laced with brass. We've only made 12 of them and I'm not doing another run. They're 60usd plus shipping. Please email me at
I've made a special small cotton bags, just like the ones I used on the helmets to pack the buckles.

Below is the post I made in IG last week:
This is Tom Fugle if you didn't already know him, maybe now after the movie 21 Days Under The Sun you know. If you still don't...well, he is the godfather, one of the originals, one of the founders of the El Forastero MC, true artist, motorcycle builder, painter, leatherwork craftsman, well, pretty much one of the guys responsible for all of this we're doing today. I've found out about him through Jeff's blog Church of Choppers about 8-9 years ago I guess... I respect guys like him, Max Schaaf - 4Q, Jeremiah - Love Cycles among others for always making sure people knew about Tom. We have to pay respect for those who started this...and that's why I was so goddamn happy when I watched 21 Days and saw the tribute that Michael Schmidt and all the crew made for him. Last year I did a small project with Tom. I was finishing some things I wanted to add to it and waiting for a good time to show it...this seems like the right time. So stay tuned for news in the next few days and hopefully some other cool plans in the near future. #tomfugle #21daysunderthesky #joekingspeedshop
Make sure to follow @tomfugle he's building a new bike for @bornfreeshow and I can't wait to see it.

 took this from Tom's blog. I heard that he doesn't like this pic...but I think it's fantastic.
With his pan "Only One Love"
 I shot this pic at Born Free 5
 This was a rad day and 2013...Tom and the great Ken.
 at Born Free 7
 Think this pic is from Street Brooklyn
 Born Free Builder photo
 Tom in the 70's...I think this is a great photo. From CoC blog.
 Another one stolen from CoC blog.
 I have this photo proudly framed and on the wall of my shop...Photo by James Stone
Tom and Max at the Invitational.

Tom by Scott Pommier

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wild Turey Collab

Mto feliz em fazer parte da historia da Wild Turkey no Brasil! Foi uma honra participar desse "collab", obrigado a todos!!
Stoked to be part of Wild Turkey's history in Brazil! It was an honor to be involved in this collab. Thanks!! @wildturkeybr @kellylobos @sigaavaca @alexvianna

Making of:

21 Days Under The Sky

So as you know by now Netflix released@21daysunderthesky but the special edition with over 1 hour of Tom Fugle's 60s 8mm footage, Jason Jesse's Black Tibetan, interviews and more will only be available on dvd/bluray and itunes. We don't get to see movies like this very often, specially with this kind of chopper history as a bonus I'm still buying the dvd and giving all my support to the people that made this great movie happen. Follow @21daysunderthesky for news. #21daysunderthesky

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