Thursday, December 18, 2008

What's next:

Next week's helmets:
  • Custom order from the band MAROON 5

  • Sinistro's Custom Model

  • Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of The Moon inspired Helmet

  • The famous Easy Rider's, Capt. America Helmet in FLAKE

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Russell Mitchell Custom Model

Custom made for Russell Mitchell from Exile Cycles - Not for sale or reproduction

Joe King Speedshop - Limited Ed.

There won't be many of these babies around...Limited Edition...Each one comes with a serial number.

Cheap Kustoms

Custom made for Lord of Motors - Cheap Kustoms
Lord's awesome blog!!!

Confederate Flag

Southern Pride!!! Confederate States of America

John Player Special

Tribute paid to heroes: Ronnie Peterson 1973, Ayrton Senna 1986

Copper Flake

Red Flake & 3-Button Snap

Red Flake, Chrome Trim (optional), 3-Button Snap (optional)

Silver Flake & Chrome Trim

Old School Shell, Buco style, 60's look...shallow and small as well!!!

Ara's Checkred Flag Cafe Racer

Silver Flake
Matte Black
Custom Made for Ara Vartanian

Van Halen's 5150 Frankenstrat

Custom made for Chiara Guitar Shop:


Exile Vintage Black - Limited Ed. of 25

Russell Mitchell's first choice of our helmets. He's been spreading the word around and giving us a big hand. We say thanks to one of the Chopper Gods!!! Check out Exile's website:

Leather Series - Part 1

Vintage Brown LeatherOil Stained White LeatherLeopard Leather and... Tiger Leather - For the Ladies

Gold Flake

Mini Old School Shells have the smallest and shallowest fit ever!!!

Silver Flake

Big Blind

Vintage Bicycle 'em the old school way...

James Dean's "Little Bastard" Porsche Spyder 550

Custom made for the designer Pedro Paulo Santoro

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