Friday, October 31, 2014

Little flashback from Born Free

 Adam @ Bandit Town...JK helmet in action
 Davey @ Bandit Town...JK helmet in action
 Before the storm...early morning on Saturday @ Born Free
 Thanks Jason
 with Sean (Bronsonville) and Chris...stolen from Hated of The World blog.
Another one from Hated of the World blog

Fuckin' Panheads!


Today's solids

In stock at Breaknecks


Limited Edition for Machina Helmets

Yesterday's Solids

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dale Singleton's TZ750

The TZ750: the most badass race bike of all time

Jimi and Mick

Grizzly CB750

Love the Grizzly and all of its versions...

Rad Shovel

 anyone has more info on this bike?

Gravel Roads

Death Valley Run 2014

Death Valley Run 2014 from Ben on Vimeo.
killer video by Ben the Boog with some JK helmets in action on the rad run.

San Antonio's finest

This one's for the one and only Mr. Garcia!

Iliya - Steelborn Choppers

Made this basic but cool black gloss helmet with a killer black suede liner for a talented friend who just finished building this amazing Panhead:



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