Monday, October 31, 2011

Last night in Sao Paulo: AEROSMITH

Mama Kin was definitely my favorite from the setlist...the old guys are still kickin ass!


Valor Investe Magazine

Rolling Stone Magazine

The Last Of The Mohicans - ***SOLD***

Last one made for TWB...never got to finish here it finished.
Size 59/60 but can be changed to any size for your pleasure


These hats are so hot that you'll grow a tail!!!

Made 50 for Two Wheels Brazil...there's 20 left...
Otto Hats silked in California
Brought to Brazil by Will the Third

Gold Flake


Camera was mounted on the bumper of a Mercedez 450SEL...dubbed with the sound of a Ferrari 275GTB


The early bird was: LOBO

Lobo won this helmet. He was the first to ride his motorcycle with a purchased ticket into the TWB arena.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

TWB - part four - SATURDAY - BBQ at GM

Pro-skater Mr. Pig teaching Max some tricks...PRICELESS PIC!

Thanks Chrys for the BBQ, friendship and etc...Camacho doing the pose...thanks for the delicious BBQ...

Rodrigao and Billy!!!

Dave getting the first tat of the day from Akemi...

That's RAD!!!! I was stoked! Sao Paulo along with Iowa and Brooklyn!!!

Pro skater, bike builder, tattoo artist, DJ, drag queen...Max rules!
Thanks dude! Special moment! Three times special...thanks Jason and Chopperdave!
PLEASE send me pics of Jason and Chopperdave doing the tat...I don't have them...

Fuck You!

Handsome dudes

Ros getting his from Akemi and later doing his fisrt ever to KT (PLEASE SEND PICS...don't have them either)

Would you trust these two around your bike?

Thanks, D, Max and Jason! I'll never forget this!

Jason kicked their asses!

Jubau the ruler.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rods' Knuckle

KILLER bike, congrats! Chopperdave took some REAL nice pics of her...

Friday, October 28, 2011

TWB - part three - FRIDAY...the day would never end...

Wil and KT...

Beards and Furs

Marcao and Melissa!

We were drunk at 2pm...tired at 6pm...beat up at 10 pm...these pics were around 1 or 2 the math...

The Flight of Icarus Micetich

TWB - part two - FRIDAY...still...

Josh doing his thing...

T-Bone and I living the dream...riding out of the sunset with Chrys' scooter!

DK and Jason van-talking...check out T-Bone doing that 'poor-kid-at-Christmas' window thing...

Max and Ara riding...

I heart Freston...

self explanatory

night falls down at SSS garage...

Very Special Moment

it hasn't been easy to listen to this song these last few gets me pretty hard...

TWB - part one - FRIDAY

Quick stop at GM to pick up Chrys and grab lunch...Dean checking out my Pan!!! T-Bone hooked me up with these rad T-bars...THANK YOU!!!!

Delicious lunch at BAR DO SANTA...thank you!

Beautiful weather, great lunch...I was stoked...

Vicki, Chopperdave and Jason

Diablos (thank you for riding to the show!!!) and DicE

Josh, Vicki, Chrys and Mr. Fela da Puta

Dean was almost ready to fly... (I'll post the flight and landing later)

Thanks again Max!

Tit-checking moment...

A Coke and A Beer...what'up with that Josh?

I'll post tons of pictures...but it'll be impossible to explain how happy I was, how fun it was and how ALL these guys are great people...I am beyond stoked and it was one of best moments of my life.

Thanks again to BAR DO SANTA for the great lunch!

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