Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blood Creek Knife Co X Joe King Speed Shop SOLD OUT

Teamed up with Jason from Blood Creek Knife Co. to make this special collab. 
Very limited run, special Buffalo Horn handle, mosaic pins, leather sheath included.
This will sell fast. If interested:

Joe King in Tokyo at TRIco pop up store

Very proud to be part of the TRIco Pop Up store at Neighborhood Harajuku store. Opened this saturday and it will go thru May 10th. Amazing brands involved with limited edition products available in Japan ONLY!
If you're in the area make sure to visit!

Roadstock 2015

Roadstock 2015 from Black Bullet on Vimeo.
Versao 2015 do Roadstock...evento bem bacana! Vale a pena ir!!!
Mais infos: Roadstock







Thursday, April 23, 2015


 Paul & Keke Rosberg
 Paul  & Jackie Stewart
Paul Leonard Newman

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Paul Cox X Cicero de Guzman Jr X The Glenlivet

Check out this rad article on Paul Cox. Written and photographed by Cicero de Guzman Jr.
Full article HERE

Joe King in Japan at TRIco popup store at Neighborhood Harajuku

Stoked and honored to announce our first official retail presence in Japan at @tricostore pop up store in Tokyo which will be inside the legendary Neighborhood Harajuku store starting on April 25th. Also featuring these amazing brands: @thegreatfrogldn @eatdust @oldcrowspeedshop @abelbrownco
We teamed up with TRIco and DicE Magazine to create this super unique helmet. Special edition shell, special suede liner stitched with golden thread, new brass/gold trim and brass metals.
Thanks to @dicemagazine @tricostore @neighborhood_official




Solid Color Series

Really good!

Some of the best pics with a great tune

Monday, April 13, 2015

Keino representing!

Last night...

Supermodels & Panheads

Naomi & Dead Flowers...last thursday lunch

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kiko in Megadeth

Pretty rad to see Kiko joining Megadeth, he's always been one of Brazil's top guitarists (shredder if you want a definition)...great addition to Megadeth for sure! Kiko on the photo above beside Kathleen Turner.

used to watch this guitar lesson on to find this old tape on youtube

Here's one of most famous songs from his brazilian band, Angra, from early 90s...check out it if you dig Speed Metal...Power Metal...whatever...




Solid Color Series

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dave Brackett '66

Repost from AEE Choppers blog because this is too cool:

"Dave forwarded this cool picture from 1966. This was Dave's street car!!!! Crazy...he added a trunk on the roll bar for this trip with his girlfriend at the time. The sign she is holding says "we made it". Looking at the size of the fuel tank you can imagine that it took some doing to get to Sequoia from SoCal. What a cool street rod. People have similar things these days but they drive them to shows or cruises they don't take trips in them! Thanks Dave you the man!"

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Even if you're not into skateboarding like I'll enjoy this video...Max speaks from the heart...
Check it out HERE
Best part for me is at 4.08 when Bud steals the scene..."pet me, dude!"


Old video but...
There's something beautiful and genuine when someone has the balls to say where things were ripped off from...just a little few can turn into an even greater thing...but 99% will hide behind it and think no one will ever know...
We all know...even when you buy fake instagram friends...super easy to figure out...
But back to Richie...genius and honest...all I have to do is admire that guy...
Hard to find inspiration lately...

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