Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Green Vinyl

Can I Sit On Your Face Girl...You Can Sit On Mine... (1976) so they say it's limited to 500 copies on green vinyl. Although the back of the cover claims that the recording was done at Apollo Stadium in Adelaide, Australia on 12/04/76, sources say that it's actually from the Haymarket Fest in Sydney, Australia on 1/30/77.
After some reasearch..."According to AC/DC Bootlegs the songlist for this bootleg best fits the order shown for the Apollo Stadium concert held in 1976, with the last two tracks 7) Baby, Please Don't Go 8) Problem Child missing. This can be explained by the length limitation for Vinyl recordings at the time, where most LP's had a limit of 20 mins per side. Pressings beyond this time limit suffered poor sound quality and volume. For this reason, I suspect the last two tracks were left off this bootleg, to retain quality. The song order for the Haymarket show is also totally different to this bootleg, so I can't see how it could have been taken from this concert as there is great continuity between all tracks on this bootleg."

ANYWAY...77 and 78 were their prime...raw as hell...Bon was rippin it...the shuffle jams in the middle of songs were SO great...tempo was not so fast...PIECE OF FUCKING HISTORY...

This is probably the best bootleg ever...amazing setlist...great sound!

Just google it if you want to download the copy from the vinyl: AC/DC - Can I Sit On Your Face Girl (1976) Bootleg


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