Friday, September 9, 2011

Another week is over...

Eddie's new toy...congrats bro! You deserve it!
Sao Paulo rules!
Nothing worse than wasted time in traffic...
Pay up, pal!
New shells...
New projects...
Cheers to the liars! It bites you back! Fake stuff is wrong in so many wouldn't even understand, dumbasses!


  1. Paulo, preso no trânsito? Vou lhe dar uma sugestão: Vá de motocicleta!!! Não sei se vc vai gostar e se adaptar, mas é ótimo!!!

  2. True that Paulo !!! Bet your swamped bro...hope you have a great weekend and take a brake..!!! If u were in cali id buy u a drink!! Hahah

  3. Whahahahahaha essa foi boa, sera que ele vai gostar ein??? o_O

  4. Celso "non-working-shovel"...qdo a carga eh grande nao da pra ir de moto!

    I'll hold you to it, Justin! Next year for sure...

  5. Paulo "I-can´t-wait-to-show-you-the-big-fast-shovel", devem ser os $$$$ o fardo pesado. Se precisar de ajuda para carregar me avise!!!!


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