Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vietnam War Limited Series - SOLD OUT!!!

Making a series of 10 helmets inspired by the Vietnam War helmets. Back then soldiers were allowed to customize their helmets with graffiti, names, logos and etc...
Hope you enjoy took me almost a year to research, find the authentic material, quality parts, make the necessary adaptations and actually learn more about its history so I would make it right and make something I'm proud of.

The helmet cover is AUTHENTIC US MILITARY ISSUED Helmet Cover from 1965-1973 (period correct). Not using reproductions or later years camouflage pattern. Cover was adapted to fit the JK400 shell which is different then the M1 helmet shell.

Original US ARMY helmet strap (period correct 65-73) can be added or regular leather helmet strap. For the military army strap there an additional of 50 usd.

Helmets will include a custom dog tag with you name and serial number (X of 10) of the limited edition. 2 Stainless steel tags, with rubber and STAINLESS STEEL chain (not the crappy ones out there)
Since I wanted this to be a cool thing I went all the way with many details...Dog Tags are Debossed on a Military Dog Tag Machine, this one came off of Vandenberg AFB. Picture Below:

There are many people selling dog tags out there and not many doing it right. The guy I bought the dog tags from had this written in his ad...which I totally loved and respected:
"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is gone."
Attaching pics of the dog tags once I get them since I had already made 4 with the name of the buyers.

All helmet will come with the Vietnam Ace of Spades Death Card. Reprints (since it's impossible to find an 10 authentic ones) of the ominous calling cards that were air dropped over the Ho Chi Minh Trail or otherwise left with VC bodies. Vietnamese wording advises the VC to mend their ways...or else.
Which soldiers would often place on the helmet under the elastic band.

Below is some of my favorite reference of pictures of graffiti helmets.We can make the graffiti using the reference of photos from the helmets used in the war  (see some reference below or search the internet for VIETNAM WAR HELMET GRAFFITI) or send you a blank so you can make your own. JOE KING graffiti will be added to the helmet on the front or back. (even if it's a blank).

1 of 10 SOLD
2 of 10 SOLD - Marcos
3 of 10 SOLD - Johan
4 of 10 SOLD - Michael
5 of 10 SOLD - Belgium
6 of 10 SOLD - Clint
7 of 10 SOLD - Bear
8 of 10 SOLD - Wilson
9 of 10 SOLD - Joshua
10 of 10 SOLD - Bretton


  1. Killer idea & execution. If your looking for a great window into that war and the culture of that war read Michael Herr's "Dispatches". It will change you. Again...dig those helmets!

  2. Best one i have seen in years , very nice work bro

  3. Diesel, looking it up right now...thanks!!!!

    Thanks Oli! See ya soon!

  4. Nossa Paulo, vc é o cara.... Parabéns, demais....

  5. Fala Sergio!! Demais que vc gostou!! Abracao!

  6. The "Kill a commie for mommy" picture you have is from a helmet in my collection. I bought the helmet at a Billings, Montana flea market back in the late 70's. It has lived on my shelf in Bowden, Alberta Canada ever since.


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