Friday, April 19, 2013

Family Album

Found this old pic of my uncle's 1981 CB400...when I went to scan it and flipped it I found out it was card my uncle had sent me in 1983. My dad went to work as a doctor in new a hospital in the Amazon from 1982-1984 and this was card from my uncle saying: "here's a pic of my bike that I promised you long ago...etc...the building where I live has a 750 (CB, which was huge in Brazil back then), 2 400 (CBs), 3 XL250, 2 DT180 (2-stroke dirt yamahas) and one Harley just like your dad's."

Anyway I was so happy to find this!!! I was 4 and was already asking my uncle to send pics of HIS bike to me...
So stoked to find this photo!

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