Monday, April 15, 2013

Born Free 5 builders - Big Scott - CYCLE ZOMBIES

Found this video on Jason's (ATR) blog and was stoked about it. I was happy when I heard Big Scott got chosen as one of the builders for Born Free.
Before I met them I've always liked their bikes...saw the pics on CZ blog and always thought...once I get an older chopper I will 'steal' ideas from these guys...very cool stuff!
Before I end up buying the panhead...I met Big Scott at Born Free 2 in 2010. Eddie and I got to hang with him, Scotty, Turk, Chase and George more during Born Free 3...and I have to say Big Scott is really a great guy! I always get the best vibe from him and it's always a great time whenever we can talk or just hang around.

 Made him this helmet that I took FOREVER to finish but I'm always honored to borrow the photos of him wearing it!!!
Love this photo of Michael, Eddie and Big Scott...took it last year at BF4....I had maybe too many beers and was walking backwards to make them fit in the frame...tripped over a long chopper that was parked right behind me and I can never tell if they were worried I was gonna get beat up for falling over someone's bike or just laughing at me for being dumb and drunk...good memories either way...

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