Friday, November 18, 2011


Just read an article on a big brazilian tv show website...talking about CUSTOM BIKES and "BIKE BUILDERS/ DESIGNERS" in was a Twin Cam fatboy...the owner was SUPER PROUD that he had spent 15 THOUSAND DOLLARS to have his bike painted FLAT BLACK...SHOTGUN PIPES...APE HANGERS...nothing was even done with the stock tank, frame, wheels, brakes and fenders expect for being painted flat black and added one 100 usd tailight BUY IT HERE wild guess but I'd say it's chinese...and the cherry of the cake was a spring solo seat on a softail frame (I can never understand that!)...anyway...the guy was HAPPY and proud to share that it cost him FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!
I'm not a bike builder and I don't pretend to be one...but don't have to be fuckin' Einstein to figure out that an over-expensive "bike builder/designer/OCC fan" should charge you 1 THOUSAND maybe 2 THOUSAND (if you like being robbed) for that...It'll cover ALL THAT AWESOME CUSTOM WORK and he'll get his profit out of it too!

The thing is...the problem is not the so called "BIKE DESIGNERS" (which everyone seems to be one's getting to a point like people becoming Club DJ's...everybody is a DJ...if you don't know how to do shit or play a fuckin' instrument become an Electro/House DJ!) the real problem is with the people that are willing to pay that kind of's so fucked up! Go read stuff about your bike, check the internet...but don't get robbed and say you have a CUSTOM BOBBER (don't you just love BOBBERS?)'s A freakin' flat black fatboy...that's all! (which is a cool bike...)
BUT you paid 15K for it...

The bike below is OK and TEN TIMES better and have a LOT more done to it than the one on the article (which I'm NOT going to post...obviously)...and on the right guy's hands it should cost you 2 grand maybe 3 'cause of those cool pipes! (I AM considering that everything in Brazil is more expensive because of the import taxes)

I'm not judging no one's taste...taste are like opinions and assholes...eveyone has your own. Just can't stand reading so much bullshit 'cause things like this fuck up the market, egos and etc...


  1. I still see those rides over here in Holland,but it finally getting beter!To much money and to much ego..

  2. 15 thousand not including the price of the bike? I can only assume flat black paint must be in such high demand that it's price went sky high.
    After all, everywhere you look you see flat black everything, from busses to children's bicycles, oh, yes, fat boybbers too...

  3. Seriously, I don't give a fuck.
    I ride what I like and if I am lucky, I meet people with whom I share a wavelength.
    If not, what's the matter? I wouldn't care about how much they paid or what they ride.
    Of course, if one paid way too much, one could tell em, but on the other hand, everyone's old enough to know what's wrong with the prices. If they don't bother, they don't care and just follow trends or shit, so fuck them.

  4. I agree...but if you look at local scene in Brazil...things like that mess up the market then take parts and service costs way too high...REALLY a lot higher than it should. So you get less new people being able to start messing around with their bikes and experimenting with different things...which is pretty cool part of the fun if you're into custom bikes...
    But then...yeah...maybe you're right...It's always good to remember not to take it too seriously...

  5. That behaviour is the everyday rule here in Spain. People who have stock harleys (the 97%) go to the official harley shop to change the seat or mount a handlebar paying a lot of money, and after that they tell you they are proud owners of a real custom bike that they ride once a month. FUCK THAT, LET'S RIDE


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