Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jason Webber's ATR

Met Jason in California at Born Free 3...I was blown away by his Knuckle...then next day bought some hats from him at the Long Beach Swap Meet and saw his Panhead which somehow I liked it even better and it wasn't the obvious choice...But that bike is so rad!
Anyway...near TWB is was talking to Max on the phone and he asked me if had invited Jason...told me he was a cool guy...we haven't since there was no money left...but things changed a little and once the opportunity came we invited's funny how things turn out but I was very happy it worked out that way. Jason is the coolest guy...has a dark sense of humor (good stuff), draws very well (especially trannys at the right place and at the right time) and it's been awesome to hang out with him in Brazil. I think that everyone that met him here felt the same.
Needless to say I was stoked to making him this helmet which I loved how it came out in the end.

The Pan

The Knuckle (Michael Schmidt's photo)

(Cicero de Guzman Jr. photo)

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