Friday, October 28, 2011

TWB - part one - FRIDAY

Quick stop at GM to pick up Chrys and grab lunch...Dean checking out my Pan!!! T-Bone hooked me up with these rad T-bars...THANK YOU!!!!

Delicious lunch at BAR DO SANTA...thank you!

Beautiful weather, great lunch...I was stoked...

Vicki, Chopperdave and Jason

Diablos (thank you for riding to the show!!!) and DicE

Josh, Vicki, Chrys and Mr. Fela da Puta

Dean was almost ready to fly... (I'll post the flight and landing later)

Thanks again Max!

Tit-checking moment...

A Coke and A Beer...what'up with that Josh?

I'll post tons of pictures...but it'll be impossible to explain how happy I was, how fun it was and how ALL these guys are great people...I am beyond stoked and it was one of best moments of my life.

Thanks again to BAR DO SANTA for the great lunch!


  1. Esse negócio de fela da puta pegou! Hahahaha! Max curtiu o termo e suas várias possibilidades de uso!

  2. Foi uma época fantástica do meu irmão. Agora estamos como família. Olhando para a frente para outra viagem para ver vocês no Brasil.
    Muito amor.


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