Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dean's Bachelor Party @ No Name Bar - Brooklyn

L train was closed so Ara and I ended up somewhere else...far...

Me and GUS AKA Michael AKA WHMC Pres

Keith (Mr. Eat Dust), Ray Abeyta (King of New York), Hank (Mr. Gaylord), Ara (The Emperor) you can see from all those titles good things weren't supposed to come out of this was Sunday...

Me, Josh, Brandi and Keith

Coolest and ONLY bike I saw that night...but a good one!

Had a great time with these two chocolate lovers!

Great things about Dean's bachelor party:
- 99.9% of the people were men
- Dean was not there
- Waking up Ollie


  1. I knew you guys had fun waking me up

  2. My parents took me home because they said I had too much to drink and I needed to sleep.


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