Saturday, October 8, 2011

Steelborn Choppers - Brooklyn

1942 Monarch Machine Tool...good as new...amazing toy!


So this is Iliya...Mr. Vanderbras introduced my helmets to him and he ordered one...since I was in NY I brought him his helmet. He was showing me his Shovel that was on the cover of Street Chopper Mag.

A Shovel and a Pan...the best parts available on both bikes...both strokers...and more importantly...most parts of these bikes were built by him...including FRAME, SPRINGER front end, etc, etc, etc...It's pretty easy to buy a frame a put a bike together...even I can get away with that...but building yourself a frame, a frontend and all the parts we normally buy...well that sets the bar a little higher...and I admire that.

no videos...but that was a really strong motor!

Pradke paintjob...always amazing...
You can tell he digs Indian Larry...who doesn't? And bikes inspired by Larry should always be appreciated.

I don't normally sit on someone else's bike but he insisted and I was amazed by its time I'll have to ride it...

The man and his toys...

After that we went for a was a great time and I wish I could have stayed longer.

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