Friday, June 10, 2011

Sweat Shop

no beer, no riding, no partying this weekend...


  1. they all look great. but i can not see mine that i am waiting for since about 4 month)))))))))))))))))????????????

  2. and id love you to return my emails paulo...its nearly 6 months since i paid for two helmets and now i cant even get you to return an email. mate, i hate getting upset about stuff like this. my life is to short but the reality is this....ive paid...but have no product....return my email or make good on the deal mate. send my money back.

  3. I feel your pain! I'm on a few months myself.

  4. interresting to hear this........i orderd in january, payed in march, sent about 20 emails. only got one back with " the design is hard to do, please give me another week", this was 6 weeks ago. hope he dont forgets on us an we will receive our helmets

  5. On his behalf. Not that I've met the man.But we ordered a handmade one off custom helmet. Made to our exact requirements and to fit our exact head size. From my understanding? he's a VERY small shop? He does a good amount of work to each helmet himself. As a designer myself,I can understand the amount of time it takes to get it right. Most Designers are perfectionists.Just that alone can take a god bit of time. Then you add the making the shell,painting,lining and straps. That adds up. Plus the emails and tons of concepts people are asking for who are considering a helmet.Which I'm sure most just waste his time and don't order up. The unique thing about these are??? There a Joe King helmet.A very sought after product and hand made. Not produced in masses. I know I want mine personally done by Paulo and not Don Juan his employee. Who's to say Don Juan has that gift to make a cool one off helmet as good? he's one dude and I'm sure his helmets are getting very popular. It's just something you can't get off the shelf. Just like you couldn't get a Jeff Decker sculpture at a furniture Store..... Stuff takes time? I'm just as anxious as the rest for my helmet to appear and I feel your pain,but shit takes time and its not a helmet ya see everywhere. Sometimes we just have to be patient! It will show!BUT damn man 20 emails from March(When you paid) until now? that's like 5 a month !!!!I'm sure he didn't forget you! Be patient you'll get it! Rome wasn't built in a day!

  6. Matt, your helmets have been made twice because I made a mistake. Both shipped. And I sent you an email with the tracking number. If you have not received it...sending you the tracking info again right now. Please let me know if you get it this time. Says "in transit"...

    Your helmet was hard to do it right and took a lot more time than I thought...Lining it on Wednesday. And I only start production once I receive the payment, sorry if that wasn't clear.

    Yes...I'm late with most orders...they all will be done and delivered. Yes...brazilian mail sucks and takes more time than they promise.

    Cafe75, thank you for your words, I really appreciate it.

    Unfortunately, I have 2 family members at the hospital and haven't been working full time or answering emails these last 2 weeks...a heart attack and a stroke...that's what has happened.

  7. hope you family get well soon!!!! and thank you for answering on this way. you make really great work and i am looking forward. checking your blog every day, hoping to see my helmet.
    please give me some information when it is finished, so that i can see, its on the way to vienna.

  8. Paulo, prayers to your family.... hang in there . Big Scott

  9. Thanks Big Scott!!! My uncle is already home!!!


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