Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Friday - Day before Born Free 3 - part 1

So Friday the Born-Free site was open for vendors only. We got there and started to set up our spot.
Thanks Mike and Grant for the spot you picked for us. I couldn't ask for a better place, we were beside DicE and The Horse, in front there was Cro Customs, Flying Monkey, Kickstart Cycles...

lots of t-shirts!

This was one of the first bikes I've seen there...badass panhead with a sweet Hurst slick!

Still don't know whose bike this is...but I love it!

Front view

Pans! The one in front is Mike D's.


  1. Hi Paulo, this is the owner's site. http://righteouscycle.blogspot.com/ F.G

  2. Thanks! That bike is sick!!!!! Easily one of my favorites!!!

  3. was my favorite one there ......joe rules!


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