Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Friday - Day before Born Free 3 - part 2

That's Walter (Kickstart Cycles & Gypsy Run) sitting on Cro Customs SICK panhead! Met him last year at the Brooklyn Invitational and he has the best vibe! Always telling bad jokes that will make you laugh forever while pouring Tequila shots...can't beat that! Gypsy Run...I'm there! Made me a deal impossible to refuse!!!

Amazing bikes!!! That's Sonny Boy (the stuff he does is unbelieveble) and JD in the back

Dream van! Painted by Sonny.

I have to say that hanging out with Matt and Justina was great! They're just good people and being around them made me feel at if they were old friends...thanks guys!! After some beers I kept saying I wish Dean was there...but then I though that gay feeling would not help my bad ass biker pose!

Matt's bike and helmet...

The Shrimp Boat Captain


  1. Great pics Paulo... i see you had a great time at Born Free...
    Abra├žos do amigo... Ailton©


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