Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Old habits...

As long as I remember (the rain been coming down...NO, NO, I'm JoeKing) me and my family went to my grandpas farm every weekend. My grandpa made my first bow out of bamboo wood that we picked up at the farm I was 6 (maybe) and my uncle used to take me to shoot some arrows every afternoon...he had one badass bow compared to my handmade was AMAZING times...
Decided to get me a bow and have fun's me.

BTW...the deer is fake...but JEFF you gotta give me a 'kill a deer save a biker' tee now! C'mon dude! I've killed it many times already!


  1. Well, you are listed as a contributor on coc. You could have posted this as a kill a deer, save a biker...ha ha.
    Nice photo.

  2. I thought 'kill a deer, save a biker' was kind of the Boss' post...wasn't going to mess with that!!!


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