Thursday, April 7, 2011

Belstaff Mojave

This Belstaff Mojave jacket is a direct reproduction of the style of jacket that Steve McQueen used to race in back in the sixties.


  1. I bought this jacket cause I thought it looked cool. I didn't know McQueen had the same one.
    I guess I'm a man of good taste.

  2. Steve McQueen is not wearing Belstaff - he is wearing a Universal Racer Mk. 2 jacket made by D Lewis Ltd., also known as Lewis Leathers. They still make the jacket:
    He is also wearing Lewis Leathers No. 935 leather jeans.
    Belstaff either have no shame, or dreadful researchers - or both!

  3. Never said he was wearing a Belstaff. Thanks for the link.


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