Thursday, January 27, 2011

What can I say...

At last mailman is delivering I got one from 4Q.
Was lucky to get the sweatshirt before it got sold out.
Max was awesome...sent some gifts for the rest of SSS guys.
To my surprise there was another gift in the box...this handmade keychain from Max. One side says JOE KING and the other 4Q OAKLAND.
These simple gifts are ALWAYS the most special...I was stoked!
It'll be the keychain for my first Panhead! It made my week! Thanks!!!


  1. I understand what ya mean, wehn I bought one of those grey 4Q sweaters recently I was totally blown away from those stickers and the handwritten note, even more blown away than from the sweater itself.

  2. thanks guys!!!!
    Glad good folks like you
    are getting it. Stoked that key chains
    going on yer bike!!


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