Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Late Christmas Box!

Last day of the year with my brother in a special place...wearing the "do the ton" gift Dime City guys sent me! Thanks!!!
Simple things like family, water, sun, t-shirt rule!!! Let's not forget: beer...bbm

Jason and Herm from Dime City Cycles, sent me these cool tees and patches. The box came with a old cafe racer helmet which I'll work on and will be our next project!!! Stay tuned!

BTW...posts are totally non-chronological...since I've been lazy with the blog...but all helmets were shipped and mail has been a SLUG! That box from the US took one and a half month to arrive when it would normally take 10 days. All helmets that were shipped will be posted here until the end of the week...Cheers everyone!

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