Thursday, July 10, 2014

Born Free 6 - Friday - Vendor's Setup Day

 Cycle Zombies parked around the tree
 Lil' Devil
 Big Scott's knuckle rules!

 I love Black Board Cafe's panhead...
 Harpoon killed it...thought he couldn't make his panhead look better and he proved me a lot of people wrong...

 Jason Sheets panhead was a beauty
 Tom's bike made me feel I had taken mushrooms just by looking at it...
 Super rare Nigger Sam's frame...I can't believe it wasn't picked on's a dream bike with more history than you can imagine...Stoked that Tom is going to Japan!
 Brandon built this badass chopper...he rules and there's so much fabrication's crazy...
 Mullins Chain Drive
 Those rockers...
 Another shot of Tom's bike
T-Bone killed making a new bike look so rad...not an easy job and he killed it.

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