Monday, June 23, 2014


 Tom's panhead at Born Free 4 - 2012
 Tom and Max at Brooklyn Invitational 4 - 2012
 with Tom at Root Studios - Brooklyn 2012
 Special moment for me at Born Free 5 - 2013
 DK and Tom at BF5 - 2013
Great shot from Eddie at BF5
Tom and Ken - Dinner at Frank's - NYC 2013

There's not much to say about Tom that hasn't been said already but he's been doing it when it was cool...then kept doing it when it wasn't cool...and it still doing it today. That's real, that's passion...
Respect...Like Max said...if anyone deserves this's him...can't wait to see his bike.

Love this photo by James Stone's Brooklyn Invitational Portraits

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