Sunday, January 22, 2012

Loco Bastardo rules...

First of all he's a cool dude and build some really cool bikes...second...he always hook me up with great parts. I was looking for a King and Queen seat like this for while and couldn't find the perfect one...I think this is it.
And the brother's price was rad!!!
Thanks bro! What's up in cold Canada??

Brian's sweet shovel that was on DicE magazine.

More here: FIFTY'S HAZE


  1. I'll tell you what isn't UP in cold Canada, the temperature! sorry lame jokes aside, I'll get that baby shipped tomorrow hopefully, hope you like it brother!! Thanks for the kind words Paulo, send some of that warm Sao Paulo air my way!!

  2. Jason, bought it so we can go tranny hunting on the same bike!!!


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