Tuesday, January 10, 2012


was it going to be a "car" year for SSS?

Great view at Andre's place in SoBe

Had the pleasure to meet Jason and Herm at Dime City Cycles. Largo, FL.

Motorhead in town and Mikkey is always the best guy to get drunk with...

It's fuckin' Motorhead!!!

Drake McElroy came to shoot some stuff with us at SSS hq.

Amazing trip to California with Eddie...first day at the Cycle Lodge with Mike and Grant.

Eddie was drinking some strange stuff...

Eddie, Jeff and Jason...a day before Born Free 3

Mendes and Lichter

Wes' art show at Chateau Marmont was great! Justina and Matt rule!

I was looking forward to meeting this guy, Mr. Schmidt!

Mr and Mrs Lang, Max, Jason, Mr. 22 at Born Free

Darren rules! I can't remember much but I was laughing all the time! Michael took me there.

Eddie and Chopperdave have great taste for hats...

With the Cycle Zombies at the Long Beach swap meet...can't say enough good things about Big Scott, Scotty, Turk and all the guys...there're awesome!

I wish we could get together and ride everyday...


Eddie, Ara, DK, Chrys and Jubau...SWEET!!!

DicE party @ Brooklyn... ... ... ... ...

The Brooklyn Invitational

EAT DUST!!!!! Dean's bachelor party!

A guy I want to have more beers with...no catalog parts on that bike...

Love you guys!

The girls! Two Wheels Brazil was HARD HARD work...but an amazing experience...thank you Rods and Eddie for making it all work out.

bikes and beers...great vibe...

the 3 greatest tattoo artists ever! (maybe not...)

seal the deal...power negrooooo

amazing! amazing! I was so happy!

Delivering the helmet and meeting Lynyrd Skynyrd was awesome. Thanks Rods.

Thanks Chrys, meant a lot!

The perfect Xmas gift...I was almost as happy as the owner!

2011 was a great year...thanks to everyone for all your support!


  1. I gotta say, my trip down there was the highlight of the year for me. Hanging with you guys was a blast, hope it happens again sooner rather than later.

  2. Thanx Paulo to share with us a bit of ALL.....
    Best Wishes 2012'.......that will be better than others.


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