Thursday, July 28, 2011

Long Beach Swap Meet

I wanted to shoot myself in the head...2,000 usd for a 68 ironhead motor WITH FRAME, WHEELS and TANK...I'm embarrassed to say how much we would pay for that in Brazil...5,6,7 times more...As I said...those that have old bikes in Brazil deserve respect cause it's REALLY fuckin' hard, expensive and time consuming to get the bitch running...

Chopperdave's bike...looks prettyyyy fast!

excuse me, but it's time to brag about this...HOW FUCKING RAD IT IS to get at the Long Beach Swap Meet and see the heroic motherfucker Chopperdave wearing my hat?
That made my day!

Cycle Zombies are rulers!

bragging part 2: Moments later I see Keino wearing the t-shirt I gave him!!!! STOKED, honored, etc, etc...The guy rules! That was enough to make my week!

The super cool triumph chopper Scotty was about to kick was another example...rad bike for under 4k...blew my mind...if it's still for sale go talk to the guys!

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