Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TWB award for The Best Cafe Racer @ Born Free 3

Around 3 pm, Mr. Grant comes over and tells me I had to pick the Best Cafe Racer...it would be the Two Wheels Brazil award...at that time I was trying to get drunk...and got sober immediately (big responsibility)...and that I should give him the result by 4.
Eddie was nowhere to be found, time was running, so many cool bikes and I was kinda nervous. Luckily, Chrys or one of the guys from Holy Ghost...can't remember, came over to look after the vendor spot so I could find the bike.
Above was the bike I chose...looks great, cool details, parts that took time to be made and beautiful blue-grey leather seat.
The guy that built it got the same award last year with a different bike so I guess I made a good choice.
Congrats to Len Higa for the sweet bike!!!
Thanks Mike and Grant...what a fuckin' honor!!!!

Below are some other cool bikes that got my attention...


  1. Paulo, I'm waiting for my commission....

    (however...take care of the vendor spot with Lucas by few minutes was a pleasure! )


  2. Len actually won Best Original as picked by Chopper Dave at Born-Free 2...from what i recall anyway. Nice guy

  3. Great choice!
    Just by looking at Len's bikes you know he has has a great way of thinking.


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