Monday, February 14, 2011

How F1 started using full-face helmets

"You’ll recognize the 1968 German Grand Prix as Jackie Stewart’s big day out in Germany. It was the race that pitted men against the cold waters of the Eifel mountains and after it was all over, after 14 never-ending-by-modern-TV-standards laps in the mountains, it was the young Scotsman with a band of Royal Stewart tartan around his white racing helmet who emerged from the acres of wet forest as the new Nebelmeister.

On Stewart’s head, like on the head of every racing driver in those days, was an open-face helmet: a reinforced baseball cap with earmuffs, to be worn with a visor or racing goggles to protect against stone chips and German insects. In this very same race, eight minutes down but finishing on the lead lap, was America’s Renaissance road racer Dan Gurney wearing for the first time in Formula One a full-face helmet." by Peter Orosz, first photo by: Jim Culp

Thanks Adriaan for sending me this link.


  1. This helmets are soo cool.

    How far are you with your window helmet project?

  2. trying to find time to finish's pretty much done...I'm sure I'll have the first one by next month.

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