Friday, June 3, 2016

Joe King Helmet #3000

I sincerely would like thank everyone that has ever supported us, with a helmet, shirt or just stickers...everyone that has ever stopped by our booth at shows just to say hi and those who sent emails saying that something we did inspired them...those are so rad! Thank you so much for all the support we wouldn't be here with helmet #3000 if it wasn't for you...this may sound lame but it's the truth. It's such a trip to look back and see that it all started with the passion for motorcycles and for being something I simply enjoyed doing...after almost 10 years I still have a great time and I'm still very passionate about them. All helmets are handmade one by one and I still finish each one. I'm really grateful for everything.
This one #3000 is very special although it's a simple gloss white helmet with "Joe King #3000" painted in gold on the left side. For the liner I found this beautiful "southwestern" inspired pattern. When I was a kid my mom used to paint these "southwestern/native american" patterns on wood and I always thought they looked so cool! Later I came to appreciate that kind of art and heritage even when I found this rad fabric I thought it would be perfect for such an important helmet. So, very long story short, I hope you enjoy this and that it goes to a good home. #joeking3000 #joekingspeedshop #joekinghelmets #customhelmet #thankyou

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