Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Buffalo Plaid

'Cause you never know when you'll need your hunting helmet.

Buffalo plaid was born in the Scottish Highlands. Named after Rob Roy MacGregor, the ruthless outlaw and hero in Sir Walter Scott’s novel, this plaid is often referred to as the “Rob Roy Tartan."
The MacGregors were lawless warriors and eventually, King James VI banished them and the MacGregor name from Scotland. Forced out, some descendants, like Big Jock MacCluskey, changed their last names and left the country in order to survive.
In the late 1800’s, Big Jock MacCluskey migrates to Canada. He is a huge man in size and stature. Like his ancestors, he is a feared warrior. A sometimes lawman and bounty hunter, he donned the family Tartan and survived by hunting buffalo. He follows the herd and hunts from Canada to Montana and into the Dakota territories. The buffalo check arrives with him in America. Eventually, MacCluskey gives up hunting to trade with the Indians. His Scottish blankets are traded for buffalo skins and become known as “buffalo plaid.” Source: Jennifer Ryan Jones
I've always loved Philip Goodwin's paintings...this one's called THEIR LUCKY DAY. Go check out some of his great work.

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