Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Listen to Motörhead

friend of mine knew Mikkey from the King Diamond years (which I love) and introduced us...Mikkey is an amazing person and we became friends instantly.
 Lem's axes
 Met Lem for the first time that year and got him to sign my guitar...which I still have.
Made them some helmets...somehow Lem's helmet ended up with me.


Made this "Motorhead" helmet for me and had them sign it...it's at a special place at the shop now.

Third time in Brazil and this was a great time where I got to spend more time with them.

Made this "Ronnie Peterson" replica helmet for Mikkey.


Last year I was able to really spend time with them, had so many good times, memories and stories. All of them made me feel like a close friend rather than a fan and it was different. Lem got sick in Sao Paulo and didn't play the Monster of Rock, I talked to him at the hotel and he was looking terrible...thinking about canceling the whole European tour (which he didn't) . We flew with them to Buenos Aires and he delivered an amazing show, even though he was very weak. Ana and I rode to the venue with the band and walked up on the stage with them...unreal moments...

I'm not feeling very inspired to write but as a friend of mine said...he left a mark on the world.

Been talking to Mikkey since the day Lem passed and yesterday I talked to Phil...and their message is: 
Listen to Motörhead loud for Lem and don't forget to Rock and Roll.

I'm just honored that I was able to spent time with him, I'll forever cherish those moments...being a kid and fan I never thought I would hang out with him...let alone being called a friend. RIP Lem.

Two great shows below 1985 and 2005:

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