Thursday, December 17, 2015


I've always liked traditional wool are some of my favorites:

Probably the most traditional one, the Hudson Bay Point blanket has so much history. It's still made by the Hudson Bay Company and also Woolrich.

Eat Dust needs no introduction for their attention to details and quality. Got this blanket from Keith in NY earlier this's a beautiful 100% wool blanket...then last week I lost it for Mr. Pig. Buy one HERE

 Cool photo but this one is a reproduction.

This is the Swiss Army blanket...they are fantastic. Super heavy and warm. Beware of the reproductions and fakes out there. Hard to find...the cool ones will have the metal tag and also the date embroidered on them. Above is a 1939 that I found in perfect easy links for this your research.

Dig this Civil War Cavalry blanket.  Woolrich supplied these to the troops from 1861-1865 and they still make them.

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