Monday, November 9, 2015

DicE Issue 64 : 10 questions

So DicE issue 64 is out and I'm pretty stoked. I've been asked to do the "10 questions" for this issue. First one to do it was Cole Foster, second Max Schaaf @4q69 and then you can tell how honored I am. I said it before and I'll keep on saying it, @dicemagazinehas been my favorite mag for years now and in my opinion it's the best chopper magazine in the world. If you're in Brasil (or anywhere) like me you can buy the digital copy of the mag online, read it instantly and skip the mail and customs crap we have to deal with. It's only 5$ and totally worth it!! Thanks again Dean and Matt!

Here's the link to buy the digital copy of DicE issue 64
Go to
Photos by @godspeed4506#dicemagazine #issue64 #10questions#joekingspeedshop #joekinghelmets

Revista DicE eh agora digital. Pode ser comprada nesse link: DICE DIGITAL e veja o conteudo imediatamente. Fotos em alta resolucao, links para videos e etc...


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