Thursday, October 29, 2015

Copeland's Studio

 Keith and John
 50 foot ceiling
 John's 916 track bike

 pretty cool toys at his shop

Pretty much the coolest studio I've ever seen. Had a great time that morning with Keith and David at John's place. He's such a great dude and so goddamn talented...didn't take pictures of his paintings in the other room but they were something else. Couldn't describe them in words...
The night before him and I found some time to have a few beers and whiskey, even though it was late when we were both tired and hungover from the Brooklyn Invitational weekend.
Talked about friends, plans and family, the things that really matter. Needless to say it was one the highlights of my trip to NY. Hard to get moments like these in these short 'work' trips...there's always so much going on and never enough time. I'm just thankful to call this guy my friend.
Please take your time to check some of his work if you're not familiar with it already: JOHN COPELAND

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