Thursday, July 2, 2015

BF7 - Friday - Vendor's Set Up

 3 Knucks: Love Cycles, Dylan's, 4Q giveaway bike and Tom Fugle's booth on the back
 CZ pan
 rad bikes in front of CZ's booth
 Chase, Turk, Scotty and Wil (Cycle Zombies X TRICO)
 Turk and his new helmet
 Mr. Grossman!
 unbelievable to see this thing in person
 Mark Drews'
 Big Scott's pan

 Jason's pan 
 Turk and his rad panhead
 Mikes Davis...thanks for making this show!
 Max and the $25 knuckle
 Dylan and Ana
 Brad's panhead...amazing! Max killed it
 4Q and Martin on the back

 Bottom's up
 more rad bikes at the CZ booth
 another one
 The legend and great guy, Tom Fugle
 Team Olympia
 Max trying to fix Danann...didn't work...
solid dude, great friend

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