Friday, August 8, 2014

Dice Issue 54Q

This a very late post...only posted on Instagram but I've always wanted to thanks Dean and Matt from Dice again...with a little more pics and details. Thank you so much!
 Turk - Cycle Zombies
 Max - 4Q
 Dan Auerbach - The Black Keys
 Jason Jessee
 Nikki Lane

This is the text I wrote on Instagram when the mag got out: "Old news but I just got @dicemagazine issue 54Q...I'm gonna take sides here cuz it's hard to explain...there's DicE then there's a couple of real cool japanese chopper mags and then there's the rest. First saw DicE issue 5 or 6 at @ara_v and I was blown away by the quality, content and taste...It was inspiring! Back then in Brazil, never thought I'd meet @deanmicetich or Matt, let alone be able to call them friends or even be part of the "mag/family"...being part of the @4q69 issue is even more special...Max is one of the guys I look up the most, first for his bikes, work and amazing talent and later as a person and friend (which is even cooler for me). @turkstopnik bike is amazing and I love to steal ideas from all of its versions cuz they were all great. @jason_jessee has inspired everyone it's difficult to explain how big is his influence of what we do today... @nikkilane77 thank you for including me in such a cool text about your bike. @word2urmoms and @chicomoto you're just 2 handsome fuckers! And last but not least @dklaj who is probably one of the most talented people I know along with @ara_v and @edu_mendes, for taking these beautiful photos and waking up at 5 am on Sunday because he wanted the perfect light! Dean and Matt...thank you again...I admire you a lot cuz anyone can sell crappy stuff...good stuff is harder...and real COOL shit is almost impossible but you 2 make it look easy! My hat is off to you guys. Sorry about the long text and bad was the auto correct... #dicemagazine #friendsandfamily #joekingspeedshop"

Below are some pics that were posted on DicE and a couple that weren't...please if reposted give the proper credit to: Daniel Klajmic.

here's the link on DicE mag: Issue 54
here's the link on 4Q: Issue 54

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