Friday, March 7, 2014

David Allan Coe

"David Allan Coe packs heat. 4th of July Picnic Gonzales, TX. The '76 Picnic was as wild an affair as I've ever been part of. Three days of mayhem in the heat. At sunset on the 4th the entire front section of the crowd started firing roman candles and fireworks at each other; you can imagine the chaos that ensued. The crowd was shooting roman candles at everything, including photographers on the stage...No one died, or it would have been called the Texas Altamont --there were multiple rapes and fights and unexpected violence interspersed with the normal Picnic peaceful vibe. By the end no women could be found anywhere near the stage for all the groping... It had gotten too big and wild. 
Backstage, idiots like David Allen Coe (shown here) were parading about with guns hanging out of their back pockets... the idyll was over. I'm glad it didn't get any worse than it got... Copyright 1976 Scott Newton"

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