Friday, October 11, 2013

Works, Vander's BBQ and DicE Party

 Works Engineering is an amazing place and Ray is a ruler! Ros and Katie in the pic...
 Josh's killer flatty at Vander's
 Big Joe and Vander finishing the panhead
 BBQ, beers, bikes and good people...
 Tammy's killer sporty!
 Brian's Panhead...built by Love Cycles, painted by 4Q this bike!
 Joe's Indian Chief and JK helmet
 Indian Chief
 Vander going on the first ride on the pan
 DicE party...and apparently Jasin Phares, John Copeland and I had the same t-shirt idea...
 Myles' sweet Triumph and his JK helmet
 Outside the bar at the DicE Party!
 Dave and Party...partying...
What a great night!!!

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