Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garage Company PART 1

 Next day: Garage Company...Yoshi's place is amazing, overwhelming so much cool stuff and rare parts, will hours go thru 1/3 of the stuff there's inside...
 right outside the entrance
 old Milwaukee iron
 rare TZ wheels,race wheels, snowflakes, Lesters...rare's really amazing...but I totally lost focus...
 So Michael stopped by with his "new" Sturgis!!! THE WORLD IS FLAT
 Brad came also with his killer shovel... ZEN OF NEATO
 Michael, Eddie and Brad
 The workshop
 Michael found me a Super E for the Panhead and got a rad deal on it for me! Thanks dude!!!!
 Sweet XR750
 Troy also came by, riding his FXR bus.... CHICOMOTO
Troy and Michael

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