Tuesday, May 7, 2013

4Q Conditioning LIMITED SERIES of 20

Super stoked about this!!! Max and I had this project going on for a while now and I was finally able to finish the first batch.

These series are very important and special to me not only because Max has always been one of my favorite bike builders but he also makes some of the best paintjobs out there...so being able to make this collab with him means a lot to me!!! Thanks man!!

So here's so info about this collab:

- Max chose the color combo and we decided on the classic and clean 2 stripe design. I really wanted to have the original 4Q logo on the back because I always thought it looked so cool.

- This is a new shell called PERIOD MASTER...it's smaller and narrow than any other helmet I've done before...in fact it's so small that heads over 60,5cm won't fit the LARGE. We're making SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE sizes.
This shell WILL NOT BE FOR SALE for other projects. It was made for this project ONLY.

- We chose the black imported velvet for liner...it's a great fabric, great quality and super comfortable.
To make it more special...it was all stitched with thick orange thread.

- Snap straps and black rubber.

We're making 20 helmets that will be for sale at 4Q CONDITIONING blog. They will ship from Oakland, CA.

- All helmets are numbered on the inside.

Well...pretty much everything on this helmet is unique...it took so long to have them finished because I wanted to go an extra mile since I was so honored that Max gave me this opportunity...
I admire the truth and passion behind 4Q so I'm very thankful for this and proud of the final product.
Hope you enjoy this helmet as much I've enjoyed all this experience.


  1. thanks to you Paulo.
    you are a real friend and not just some
    cyber "bro". Thanks for all your support
    and friendship over the years.
    the helmets turned out great!!! max

  2. Hi Paulo! very very good job! I would like to have it!!!

  3. Stunning, congrats to the pair of you.

  4. Thanks Max, thanks WhitelinePsycho.

    Albert-one, Max will take care of the sale and shipping so you can email him please.


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