Sunday, September 30, 2012

The People of Brooklyn

 Roomates...Max (4Q Conditioning), Lebeef (Lebeef Kustoms) and Keith (Eat Dust)...beers for breakfast...
 finishing some helmets...
 finishing keychains
 14th Street - Root Studios ahead...
 Thanks to Becky and Dave for ALL the help!!! Like last year I stole a small spot from Noise's table...thanks again T-Bone!!!
 Keino, Jonh and Jeffro (lost somewhere)...thank you so much! You're guys are doing one hell of a great show and you'll always have my support!
 Sis & Vicki
 Stoked to finally meet Troy from CHICOMOTO
 Main entrance
 Jerry's bike was parked across the street right in front of the show with a helmet I made for him in 2011.
Brad's panhead...perfect!  Great to see you again! ZEN OF NEATO
 Mr. & Mrs. Mullins Chain Drive  AKA Mr. Staples... 
 Jason was awfully Street Chopper booth.
 Love these 2!!! Sean (Love Thy Chopper) and DenverDan (The Speed Merchant)
 Jeremiah (Love Cycles), Michael (The World is Flat), Vicki and Troy (ChicoMoto)
 Handsome dudes right there...
Troy doing his thing...


  1. Man i wish i coulda made it this year, looks like everyone was there

  2. Fotos muito boas! Adoro o movimento cara!

  3. Valeu Giggio, esse evento eh show, vale a pena ir algum dia! Abs,


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