Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Born Free 4 in 29 pics

 Great hanging out with Jason Jessee...always a lot of fun...I was very happy to meet his friend that painted one of the most famous and cool gas tanks out there...Black Tibetan
 NOISE's bed of nails...coolest booth out there...
 the handsome Big Scott (Cycle Zombies) trying out his new helmet
 Came across Jose and his friends on the way to Born Free
 respecting each other
 Chopperdave and DenverDan!!! 
 George's bike and JK helmet
 Cycle Zombies
 Big Scott's
 The Straw King...The Speed Merchant's: BurgerDan!!

 Great seeing Neto again and his rad shovel!!! Thanks for showing me your bike!
Gotta love Dago's Ironhead
 Finally met Josh from OLD SCHOOL HELMETS...great guy, super talented and was surprised with this gift. Thank you so much! He did this amazing paintjob...check out more of his stuff!!
 Always great seeing Darren!
 Dean's panhead
 and helmet...

Michael Schmidt, Eddie and Big Scott
 Coolest Knuckle at Born Free...Jason Webber's ATR
 Jason's panhead is also one of my favorite bikes!!
 Dave Polgreen and his amazing built and Matt Olsen who also made a sweet Knuckle for Born Free
 Kyo's Honda!!
 Coolest Sportster at Born Free...Speed Merchant's built by Brawny
 Andy (Pangea Speed Shop) and his killer TURBO shovel on the back...I'll add more pics later of that bike
 Matt and Eddie
 Wil's best kept secret!!!
 Wil's trunk...
 Handsome Jason and his Pan
 T-Bone and Dave
 Once again...7 hours of show passed like 30 minutes...
Mike and hat's off to you...what an amazing show...can't even imagine all the hard work you've put into have all my respect and support! 
Digger Darren's bike at Cooks Corner...last beer and a burger before going to bed...

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